Samantha Owenson


My love affair with photography started with a shoe box. That's right, a shoe box. Our first photography assignment was to make a pin hole camera out of shoe box and develop the photos. Next it started in a small corner of the high school, that was more like a big closet. There was nothing quite like developing your own film. The smells, the thrill of not knowing, what it will look like. Stepping out into the hallway and seeing that photograph for the first time, it was always a different experience each time.

Since then I have been photographing anything and everything.  

My next adventure was my time at Grand View College where I discovered the world of design. My life changed after my education in design. Not only did it improve my photography, but it improved the way that I saw the world. I'll never forget my first typography class, I never look at anything without trying to guess the typeface that it's using.

My goal in life is to share my passion, and to help people see the true beauty in themselves and in the world. Life is beautiful and I want to capture as much of it as I can. I am a firm believer in the power of print. Photography started as a way to document the ever-changing world around us. I want to capture the memories you make so they can be passed on for the future to know you. Believe in the tangible.